Professional Projects


Krakatoa is AWS Thinkbox’s toolkit for rendering and manipulating particle clouds.

I was on this project for the summer of 2017, and worked mostly on the 3ds Max plug-in. Features I contributed included improvements in the core ray marching algorithms and integration with Phoenix FD simulations.


Frost is AWS Thinkbox’s particle mesher. I worked on this project briefly in the summer of 2017, and worked on bug fixes for the V-Ray instancing feature.


Sequoia is AWS Thinkbox’s stand-alone tool for processing point clouds.

I was on the team from Fall 2016 to Summer 2017, and I worked on a variety of features, including support for new file types, realtime viewport rendering, the user interface, and continuous integration and process improvements.

Alexa Spoken Language Under­stand­ing

Alexa is the virtual assistant used in devices such as the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot.

I was on the Alexa Smart Home Spoken Language Understanding team during Summer 2018. I worked on services for preparing reports on automated speech recognition and natural language understanding problems.

Selected Personal Projects


virtuawin-bar is a VirtuaWin module which lists all of the non-empty virtual desktops and highlights the currently active one. It is aesthetically similar to status bars designed to work with tiling window managers, like i3bar and Polybar. virtuawin-bar also optionally provides keybindings for switching focus to a window in a specified cardinal direction, similar to functionality found in tiling window managers.


A reimplementation of Peter Shir­ley’s Ray Tracing in One Weekend in Haskell. Supports ray-tracing on multiple cores in parallel. This project was a collaboration with James Johnson.


GaloisPy is a Python library for computations involving finite Galois fields and coding theory applications, such as row reduction, checking for correctness of parity-check matrices, and determining linear independence of sets of vectors. It holds an emphasis on useful pedagogical features such as step-by-step solutions.