Jerry Yin

I am a Masters student at the University of British Colum­bia, where I am currently studying computational geometry under Prof. Alla Sheffer. I’m interested in developing methods that enable artists to sketch and animate more effectively. My hobbies include illustration, 3D modelling, and graphic design.

Previously I have worked for AWS Thinkbox (among other places).

May 2021



A reimplementation of Peter Shir­ley’s Ray Tracing in One Weekend in Haskell. Supports ray-tracing on multiple cores in parallel. This project was a collaboration with James Johnson.


GaloisPy is a Python library for computations involving finite Galois fields and coding theory applications, such as row reduction, checking for correctness of parity-check matrices, and determining linear independence of sets of vectors. It holds an emphasis on useful pedagogical features such as step-by-step solutions.


Krakatoa is AWS Thinkbox’s toolkit for rendering and manipulating particle clouds.

I was on this project for the summer of 2017, and worked mostly on the 3ds Max plug-in. Features I contributed included improvements in the core ray marching algorithms and integration with Phoenix FD simulations.


Sequoia is AWS Thinkbox’s stand-alone tool for processing point clouds.

I was on the team from Fall 2016 to Summer 2017, and I worked on a variety of features, including support for new file types, realtime viewport rendering, the user interface, and continuous integration and process improvements.


Half-Edge Data Structures (2019)

An interactive explainer introducing half-edge data structures and how to operate on them. This article was a collaboration with Jeffrey Goh.
React, D3, Idyll

Visualizing the Goniophotometer Problem in Three.js (2015)

Article on how to draw circles in 3D using rotation matrices, and how to implement such drawing using Three.js.