Professional Projects


Krakatoa is AWS Thinkbox’s toolkit for rendering and manipulating particle clouds.

I was on this project for the summer of 2017, and worked mostly on the 3ds Max plug-in. Features I contributed included improvements in the core ray marching algorithms and integration with Phoenix FD simulations.


Frost is AWS Thinkbox’s particle mesher.

I worked on this project briefly in the summer of 2017, and worked on bug fixes for the V-Ray instancing feature.


Sequoia is AWS Thinkbox’s stand-alone tool for processing point clouds.

I was on the team from Fall 2016 to Summer 2017, and I worked on a variety of features, including support for new file types, realtime viewport rendering, the user interface, and continuous integration and process improvements.

Alexa Spoken Language Understanding

Alexa is the virtual assistant used in devices such as the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot.

I was on the Alexa Smart Home Spoken Language Understanding team during Summer 2018. I worked on services for preparing reports on automated speech recognition and natural language understanding problems.

Selected Personal Projects


GaloisPy is a Python library for computations involving finite Galois fields and coding theory applications, such as row reduction, checking for correctness of parity-check matrices, and determining linear independence of sets of vectors. It holds an emphasis on useful pedagogical features such as step-by-step solutions.


An article on using matrix transformations in three.js to solve a linear algebra problem involving orthogonal matrices. Contains interactive WebGL visualizations and code snippets.

Head Visualizer

A 3D interactive WebGL app built with three.js for visualizing various portrait lightings. Allows the user to mix and match lighting setups and clay busts, and rotate the view a full 360° both longitudinally and latitudinally.